One Room Challenge: Week 2, The Vision

Hi there! Welcome back to week 2 of the One Room Challenge. If you are new to the blog, I will be taking you through my design process of how I flush through an entire design process and create unique storytelling for clientele.

Last weeks post introduced the room I will be tackling and how I plan on executing the design. In the beginning, I usually study the space and start thinking of how I want to create the new layout and think about how I plan on tackling all of the challenges.


Early in the design phase, I start to think of the overall design direction for the project. I build a collection of images that lend inspiration to the overall story I'm looking to create. These images can include materials, color, textures and images of actual spaces.

My apartment is a prewar building that has lots of charm. In the before photos in last weeks post, you will see that the room has wall plaster molding al-throughout which is considered a hidden gem in NYC these days! In my final design, I plan on showcasing the character of the architectural elements within the space.

My concept board is displayed below. The design direction for my living room + office lounge is Modern Parisian. I think that this concept is so fitting for my space since I love the idea of juxtaposition: combining old and new elements. A modern Parisian look calls for a serene color palette paired with curves of contemporary furniture, vintage accents and clean lines. The end goal is to create a space that is both luxe and inviting. Since I can't help myself and I plan to push the envelope a little, of course I will add some pops of pattern.

Now that I've finalized the overall vibe of the concept, I've started sourcing some of the furnishings I'd like to incorporate in the space. You will notice that I've sourced elements from the original design direction- curved dining chairs, a rich rust velvet sofa, gold accents and an antique mirror. There's an elegant contrast between vintage and modern which is common when creating a modern Parisian design aesthetic. Since sourcing and research takes a considerable amount of time, I'm still in the process of finalizing some items, but here is a sneak peek of where I've started. The couch has already been ordered and will miraculously be delivered in time for the final reveal. I'm still pinching myself! Ha!

In this phase, I'm still flushing out ideas, waiting for samples to arrive and prepping for rendering to make sure that I'm happy with the selections I've made. The final end result is seeing how all of the selected items look in the room prior to finalizing the rest of the purchases. I took the plunge and ordered the couch first since custom items have longer lead-times. There's a chance that I might make another change with some of the other items once I've seen the rendering.

This week, I plan on testing some paint samples I've collected and finalizing the color story. Follow me on Instagram for all of the latest deets!

This project is part of the One Room Challenge. Click here to go back to the ORC Blog page to see what other designers are brewing. Posts for my project will be posted weekly and linked to their page. Media partner for the ORC is Better Home & Gardens. Until next week!



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