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One Room Challenge: Week 5, Sourcing at High Point Market!

Hello! I can't believe that we are now in week 5! We are almost at the finish line! Have you ever wondered where designers are able to get cool products that are uniquely appealing? This week, I ventured off on a Souring trip to High Point Market to view new products vendors had in store. High Point is a great place for designers to gain inspiration and visibility to the latest trends in home design.

In relation to my living room and office lounge project, I have been spending the last few weeks looking for the perfect fabrication that I want to use to upholster a wooden table that will serve as my desk area. During market, I stumbled upon a showroom that displayed beautiful pillows, and I fell in love with a pattern that I knew would tie in well with my color scheme and add lots of character to the counter table. This is also a good classic pattern that I will never grow tired of. It's neutral, never goes out of style and can easily tie in with a variety of color combinations.

Pillow Inspiration

Thankfully, the showroom sold this patterned fabric by the yard! I was able to score a few yards of this beautiful faux antelope pattern to dress my counter table.

The Counter Table

The faux antelope patterned fabric will be upholstered around the wooden counter table pictured above. Now that both the fabric and table are ordered, they will be sent to the upholsterer to work their magic and transform this table into a work of art. I can hardly wait for the finished product!

This week, check out my Instagram stories to discover more of my latest finds during High Point Market!

This project is part of the One Room Challenge. Click here to go back to the ORC Blog page to see what other designers are brewing. Posts for my project will be posted weekly and linked to their page. Media partner for the ORC is Better Home & Gardens.

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