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One Room Challenge: Week 6, Materials!

Well, here we are! We are finally down to two more weeks in the One Room Challenge, so now everything has accelerated to an even quicker pace!! I actually narrowed down my materials within the first three weeks, but with all of the other exciting events taking place around this project, I've been hanging on to this post! In last weeks blog, I shared my sourcing experience at High Point Market which is a haven for designers to view new products from a variety of different home furnishings vendors. Last minute, I found the perfect textile for the custom counter table that will be wrapped in an upholstery fabric that I purchased during my trip. Thankfully, the fabric was in stock which means that I won't have to wait long for delivery to start my custom order. Fingers crossed that nothing changes, so I'm going to manifest good vibes only!


Materials are usually selected during the design development stage once we've started research, finalized our concept direction, and started to lay out floor planning. Of course, as designers, we are constantly brewing creative ideas, so we might make some minor tweaks along the way as we see fit. This board displays the fabric and materials sourced for my office lounge project. For this project, I narrowed down the furnishings and materials and then selected my paint colors last. As you can see, I've mixed different textured materials and patterns, but still kept my color palette minimal. Decorative items such as throw pillows, art and books are usually added at the last phase for styling and staging purposes.

As we are getting closer to the final reveal, you can start to see the full vision come together. Check out the blog next week for further developments as we start to wrap up the challenge. Be sure to check out my instagram page for more insight and inspiration!

Also check out all of the hard work my fellow participants have been doing in their spaces on the main ORC Blog page.



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