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One Room Challenge: Week 8, Semi-Final Reveal;-)

Hello again!! It's officially here! Week 8 of the One Room Challenge. Although I would love to tell everyone that I'm completely done, there have been a few delays with a couple of custom orders that set the project back a little bit, but it's ok! Its all part of the process! There will always be a few hiccups, but you just have to work towards getting it done! Stick around with me to see the events leading up to the final completion within the next few weeks. I will post another blog with the final reveal.

For this weeks reveal, I have posted the renderings for the room until it's completed and I'm able to get professional photographs taken.

Finalized design of the floating counter top with custom marble top. To see how we created the floating cabinet, check out the blog from Week 4.

The counter table which will serve as a workstation will be custom wrapped in fabric. I'm really excited for the completion of this table! I still need to add pin boards which are not included in the rendering, but will be an addition to the home office for the final reveal in July. The overall objective of creating this room was to maximize storage in a small space and create an office lounge where I can file samples and create a mini showroom space for clients. So far, I'm really happy with the outcome, and I can't wait for my final reveal. Stay tuned!

Thank you for following along on this project. It’s been fun sharing the progress and watching all of the other participant's create magic. Check out the week 8 ORC Blog for all of the other reveals posted. A special thank you to Linda Weinstein (creator of the One Room Challenge) for hosting this event and to Better Homes and Gardens who is the media sponsor.

Until we meet again in July, stay well and safe!



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